Understand what's working and what's not.

Data analytics follow marketing tactics. You need to know what methods are working, and how effective they are. With web analytics, we collect and analyze website data. This includes user statistics. We report this data, and then work with you and your business to create a plan to improve your site, and generate more sales. Maxprom uses modern tools to track your sites data analytics. We learn your business objectives and goals. Web analytics allows us to target specific areas on your site, and see what’s working, and what’s not. 

The web analytic process is a consists of four crucial steps:

  1. Data Collection:  This is where the web analytic process starts. This step consists of the collection of raw data. This can include the web traffic numbers, referral URLs, and query terms.
  2. Data Processing:  This is where the collected data is now processed into useful information. In this step, the data becomes metrics.
  3. Key Performance Indicators:  This is where the important information is drawn out, to better understand what marketing strategies are working.
  4. Developing a Strategy:  In this phase, the informaiton is used to develop a plan to make marketing strategies more efficient. 

This process allows you to improve marketing efforts. It also allows you to save money on unnessaary marketing efforts. When it comes to internet marketing, Data & Web Analytics is crucial.